Here I am.

This has been a long time coming. All my life I’ve been the kind of person that looks to help when there’s something out of place.

When I was in first grade, one of my fitted bedsheets had begun to tear at the corner, and I marched myself down to the sewing kit to grab the tools I needed to make it right.

I’m not in first grade anymore, but in many ways I am starting fresh, like that little girl in the plaid dress. I’m entering a new phase of learning and growing … and I still have that heart and mind that seek solace in making a change for the better.

I’ve always led with my heart, with variable results. I’ve learned that it can be a vulnerable choice to be heart-centered. People may not honor my feelings as I honor theirs. People may think I’m fake or insincere (I often have heard, “Can you really be this nice?”). People may just not understand.

That’s okay. One of the other things I’ve realized is that it’s best to just be myself – and that I’m not for everyone. I’ll find the right people if I show who I truly am.

All of this is to say, I am SO very glad to be starting this website, this adventure, this step forward into a new expression of my helping self. I am hopeful that I can make an impact with who I am and what I offer; but you know what? I’m also grateful to be learning along the way.

My little self is excited for the first day of PowerPlacePurpose school!

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