Integrity: Honesty in Action

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I see honesty as the ability to identify and tell the truth, and integrity as the choice to live accordingly.

In both cases, you say what you mean, and you mean what you say.

But a person with integrity follows up their honesty with actions that are in line with what they know. It’s like Honesty 2.0. And it’s happening because the truth doesn’t just exist outside of that person, it’s happening because the truth holds such value to them that they internalize it. So their actions have to follow the truth.

But here’s the thing – we can know the truth, be honest about it, and yet somehow convince ourselves that we don’t really have to act on it.

Here’s what I mean. I think it happens all the time, but especially when we:

  • are afraid to act on the truth (ugh there’s fear again)
  • don’t have the tools to act in line with the truth
  • stand to lose a lot if we act on what we know 

An example: I sacrificed myself in a relationship just so I wouldn’t be alone. I know this now, but I also knew it then. As my discontent increased, I had to admit I was unhappy, and acknowledge the reasons why. But I didn’t leave that relationship until I was able to let go of my fear of being alone, and I knew how to say the words that reflected I valued myself enough to walk away.

It took a long time for my awareness of the truth to develop into a choice that reflected my truth.

That’s the hardest part, isn’t it?

Today I invite you to think about the times you’ve known the truth deep down, you’ve gotten honest about it … and yet it’s still felt impossible to act on it.

What’s keeping you in that in-between, that disconnected place? That’s the information you need. The work ahead, the skills you have to develop, the fear you have to release … so that how you feel and how you act match.

That’s living with integrity, and it’s powerful. Attainable. Waiting for you.

Whatever is in the way, it’s not permanent. I can help you see it and teach you the tools to remove it. Want to try?

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