Telling the Whole Truth

Often we have really valid reasons for choosing to tell just part of a story, or leaving things unsaid or unclear … like sparing another person’s feelings, or prioritizing a bigger issue over a smaller one.

I’ve done it myself and felt justified. But, I believe it comes with a cost.

There is a Yiddish proverb that says, “A half truth is a whole lie.”

I agree. I think half truths and incomplete information can create a dishonest relationship, which in turn creates a lack of trust.

It’s pretty easy to see how this applies in relationships with others, but what about this idea in terms of your relationship with your Self? Do you ever gloss over details of a story inside of you? Or dig into part of something and leave the hardest parts untouched?

We all do.

But here’s what I think about that … it’s like trying to stay in a building that’s in need of repairs. You might be able to pretend the squeaky stairs are just old, but what about that mark on the ceiling that’s slowly growing? You can avoid it for a while, but then it starts to drip. Untold truths only damage you inside. And you probably feel deep down that there’s something you need to address.

So, today I ask you to consider this without judgment or expectation. What are you keeping from you? What’s too hard to acknowledge? What’s so painful that you have to keep it locked away? Untouched?

your mistakes,
rinse them with
honesty and self
let dry until you
can see every choice
and the regret
becomes brittle

cover the
entire surface
in forgiveness.
remind yourself that
you are human
and this too
is a gift

- rudy francisco

This is what I mean when I talk about honesty and truth with Self. Poet Rudy Francisco says, “Gather your mistakes, rinse them with honesty and self reflection … cover the entire surface in forgiveness.” Isn’t that beautiful?

I think this means that when we open our hearts and release the partial truths, the things we are avoiding, the dishonesty – yes, it can be scary and bitter and uncharted! But all of that is the door to being wrapped in forgiveness. And to me, forgiveness is freedom.

What if we believed that we don’t have to fear the truth, because we have the power to turn our truth into forgiveness?

Can you imagine how that would feel? How much lighter your feet would fall on the earth? Where your energy could then flow?

It’s possible. 

Today, take a moment to get curious about where you can be honest, or where you want forgiveness. That’s the first step. Second step is likely finding support. Third and the rest … is up to you.

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