Changing Beliefs = Changing Your Life

In my work, I help people see how their beliefs drive the way they interpret an experience, generate their emotional responses, and ultimately interact with the outside world. It’s a really useful tool to understand ourselves, and start to gain a sense of power over our choices and behaviors. Here’s an example to show whatContinue reading “Changing Beliefs = Changing Your Life”

Saying No Is Actually Saying Yes

Here is an idea I’d like you to consider: No = yes, and yes = no. Think about it! When you say yes to something or someone, that usually means you have to say no to someone or something else. Alternatively, when you say no, that usually means you’ve got room to say yes toContinue reading “Saying No Is Actually Saying Yes”

Telling the Whole Truth

Often we have really valid reasons for choosing to tell just part of a story, or leaving things unsaid or unclear … like sparing another person’s feelings, or prioritizing a bigger issue over a smaller one. I’ve done it myself and felt justified. But, I believe it comes with a cost. There is a Yiddish proverbContinue reading “Telling the Whole Truth”

Fear Never Stops, But Your Truth Can Tame It

It’s become clear to me as I write about honesty and integrity that almost all of the reasons for avoiding my truth are about fear. Again. I was afraid to disappoint anyone. I was afraid to fail. I was afraid of being ignored (because that meant I wasn’t important). I didn’t want to be alone.Continue reading “Fear Never Stops, But Your Truth Can Tame It”

Coping Skill: Find Safety

We can’t always harness the power of the pause in the moment; that can be tough as we’re learning what to do, right? So, working on our coping skills before we actually need them is a good idea. Just like knowing our warning signs is a helpful pre-stress awareness, knowing what makes us feel safeContinue reading “Coping Skill: Find Safety”

Coping Skill: Breathe With Purpose

What are some other things we can do during the pause to help us cope with an overwhelming feeling and self-regulate? It’s the most basic of all things – breathing. But here’s the thing … breathing normally is not necessarily going to help you regulate. In order to slow yourself down, return to a placeContinue reading “Coping Skill: Breathe With Purpose”