Loving Your Self: A Fundamental Relationship

At the root of all the behaviors, experiences, relationships, jobs, conflicts, passions … is how I feel about my Self. I believe it is the same for all of us. And the way that I feel about my Self? It’s changed over the years, through different relationships and experiences and awarenesses. What was once aContinue reading “Loving Your Self: A Fundamental Relationship”

Codependency (Part 2)

Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, author and psychotherapist, has shifted the conversation around codependency into a different place, renaming it Self-Love Deficit Disorder. This is because he views the behavior of codependency as symptom of not loving your Self. I happen to agree. He states that the origin for a lack of self love comesContinue reading “Codependency (Part 2)”

Codependency (Part 1)

Codependency is a term many of us have heard, and even joke about, especially with how much time we’ve been spending with our partners during this interminable pandemic. “Ugh, I’ve become totally codependent on my wife to bring me coffee every morning.” Look, we even joke at home about how our dog and my husbandContinue reading “Codependency (Part 1)”

People Pleasing is Complicated.

If you follow me on Instagram (@power.place.purpose), you know that I have been writing about people pleasing this week. It’s important to me to talk about, because I think it’s one of those topics that people are familiar with, and that we all generally have an understanding of, but that is deceiving in its simplicity.Continue reading “People Pleasing is Complicated.”

Boundaries (Part 2)

With an awareness and understanding of what a boundary is, the different types and styles, and its value, we can now dig into how we actually can create them in our lives. Because boundaries are tools through which we communicate the ways we want to be treated, I believe the first step in boundary settingContinue reading “Boundaries (Part 2)”

Boundaries (Part 1)

Boundaries. This is a topic that could take months to explore, and we would still not be done! There are so many things that connect with this concept, so many ways in which our boundaries show up, don’t get honored, make our lives better, impact our emotions, create our community … it’s something that touchesContinue reading “Boundaries (Part 1)”


Ester Perel says that there are only three things that couples fight about: Power and control Trust and closeness Respect and integrity She believes that once you view conflict from that awareness, you begin to see that the content isn’t really what people are fighting about. The form – the stuff inside the fight thatContinue reading “Fighting”

Trauma and your Brain

There is so much on this topic that I want to say, but I am starting with the basics. It is my hope in doing so that I provide you with a new understanding of how we experience trauma as deeply unique individuals within an amazingly adaptive common process. First: a definition of trauma. OneContinue reading “Trauma and your Brain”

Living from the Inside Out

I think about this a lot. Ever since I experienced a wonderful therapist who helped me to see that part of my work had to include a shift from looking outward for what I needed to looking inward instead. In grad school, one of my clients shared in session the realization that she was soContinue reading “Living from the Inside Out”