From Fear to Honesty

What if instead of fearing that the truth might break you, you considered it might break you open? SMD What does honesty have to do with my fears? Lots. First of all, for a long time, honesty wasn’t part of my life. Now, don’t get me wrong – I was a “good girl” and IContinue reading “From Fear to Honesty”

The Other Side of Fear

The other side of fear … that’s where we left off. I think we decided it’s a lot more complicated and rich with information than it may seem. In terms of the Hero’s Journey, once we walk through the cave, we face greater challenges and obstacles before finally coming upon the ultimate battle, what CampbellContinue reading “The Other Side of Fear”

Journeying With – and Through – Fear

Have you ever heard of the Hero’s Journey? Joseph Campbell developed this understanding of humans and how we change from his research into mythology and world religions. He discovered that humans from all times and cultures share an experience: when we are called to an adventure – which all of us are, throughout our livesContinue reading “Journeying With – and Through – Fear”

Let’s Talk About Fear

Fear is an important survival mechanism. We need it, and I’m not advocating we ignore its signals; our body has a great system for keeping us safe, activating our alarm bells and triggering our hormones and muscles to move and protect. But I’ve spent a lot of my life afraid, and it’s exhausting.  Fear takesContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Fear”

Coping Skill: Find Safety

We can’t always harness the power of the pause in the moment; that can be tough as we’re learning what to do, right? So, working on our coping skills before we actually need them is a good idea. Just like knowing our warning signs is a helpful pre-stress awareness, knowing what makes us feel safeContinue reading “Coping Skill: Find Safety”

Coping Skill: Know Your Warning Signs

Continuing with the development of new coping skills, I want to offer you the idea of getting to know your warning signs. Warning signs are the ways you start to act or feel before you feel the big thing that sets off a cycle you’re trying to break, or makes you behave in a wayContinue reading “Coping Skill: Know Your Warning Signs”

Coping Skill: Name It to Tame It

So how do we regulate if we don’t already know how? If we take a pause between an issue and the feeling that occurs in response, then another pause between that feeling and an action, we can slow down enough to choose what to do about it. The pause means that we can check intoContinue reading “Coping Skill: Name It to Tame It”

Coping Skills and Self-Regulation

People talk a lot about how to cope with things that are challenging, or stressful, or any number of uncomfortable emotions. But what does “coping” actually mean to you? To me, it means a combination of two things:  Being able to tolerate the feelings that arise from a challenge. Having tools to manage the issueContinue reading “Coping Skills and Self-Regulation”

Loving your Self is like Building a Home

I’m throwing away All of my masks now To wear only my Soul. I think it’s about time to get back home. — Naked soul I’ve been thinking about loving the Self for a long time now. The more I think about it, the more I have an image in my mind of a builder.Continue reading “Loving your Self is like Building a Home”

Applying Your Love Language to Your Self

Dr. Gary Chapman developed the concept of love languages more than 25 years ago through his work with couples. He began to see that people express and receive love within categories, and that framing their interactions through these categories helped them to understand and connect in a much deeper way with each other. The fiveContinue reading “Applying Your Love Language to Your Self”