Letting Go This Year

The last week has been really introspective for me. I’m realizing more and more that I’ve fallen back into these old habits – the ones I thought I’d left behind long ago. I’ve pretended for a bit that I ditched them permanently. As if I’d packed them up in a suitcase, driven it out toContinue reading “Letting Go This Year”

Encouragement vs. Criticism

Last week, when my alarm went off, I looked at the clock, realized that not only was I feeling well-rested, but I also had plenty of time to hit snooze and get up 9 minutes later, refreshed and ready for what I needed to do.  And then I said out loud to myself, “Good job!”Continue reading “Encouragement vs. Criticism”

Boundaries and Barriers

I’ve been writing and talking about boundaries a lot lately, and it’s because I think they’re so misunderstood. A lot of us think of boundaries as demands. So when we say things like, “I won’t be yelled at like that,” or, “I can’t be on call for you like this anymore,” that this is settingContinue reading “Boundaries and Barriers”

The World Needs You

I spread the message that knowing your Self is a massive component of accepting and loving you, because we can’t embody or express something that we don’t know. And if we don’t know who we are, it’s not just us that suffers, it’s the world too. Consider … The powerful force that makes Beyoncé shine.Continue reading “The World Needs You”


My goal on this earth is to help as many people as possible to see, love, and accept their deepest, truest version of who they are, so that they can live the most beautiful and fulfilling life possible – the one they were uniquely made for. So I talk alot about learning to listen toContinue reading “Listen”

Turning Truth Into Forgiveness

My last posts have been tackling the idea of telling the truth … all of it. The good, the bad, and the ugly (as my father in law used to say). I believe that it is in telling the whole story that we can come to each other, and to our Self, with an authenticityContinue reading “Turning Truth Into Forgiveness”

The Other Side of Fear

The other side of fear … that’s where we left off. I think we decided it’s a lot more complicated and rich with information than it may seem. In terms of the Hero’s Journey, once we walk through the cave, we face greater challenges and obstacles before finally coming upon the ultimate battle, what CampbellContinue reading “The Other Side of Fear”

Self Acceptance and Freedom

I’m on a journey of self acceptance right now.  That might sound strange coming from someone whose profession is all about helping people find their voice and live with fulfillment. How can I do that when I’m not quite there yet myself? I believe that sharing the challenges of being human makes me even moreContinue reading “Self Acceptance and Freedom”

Loving Your Self: A Fundamental Relationship

At the root of all the behaviors, experiences, relationships, jobs, conflicts, passions … is how I feel about my Self. I believe it is the same for all of us. And the way that I feel about my Self? It’s changed over the years, through different relationships and experiences and awarenesses. What was once aContinue reading “Loving Your Self: A Fundamental Relationship”

Boundaries (Part 2)

With an awareness and understanding of what a boundary is, the different types and styles, and its value, we can now dig into how we actually can create them in our lives. Because boundaries are tools through which we communicate the ways we want to be treated, I believe the first step in boundary settingContinue reading “Boundaries (Part 2)”